Welding Fume Extraction

Welding fume dust collection to improve work conditions and long-term health benefits

AQC offers a variety of products for welding fume extraction and source capture of dust and smoke. Our innovative arms make the positioning and working easy, creating a safe environment for all workers. We have portable units with single or double arms for smaller extraction purposes, we can also elaborate a much bigger extraction system for applications where multiple arms combined to a ventilation system is needed. Welding fume extraction directly at the source has other advantages such as protecting the equipment around. Metal dust won’t accumulate in unwanted areas creating premature breakage of equipment.

Path of dust and fumes

The capture of dust and gases happens in three phases, which should not be neglected to ensure safety of workers and the environment:
  • Capture: With our source capture equipment placed right at the origin of the dust emissions, the particles are drawn into the arm as soon as they are projected in the air preventing a cloud of dust and a quick spread.
  • Transport: Once the particles have entered the arm, they are then transported through a ducting system towards the third step, a filtration system.
  • Filtration/Evacuation: Once the dust has entered the ducting system, it can either be directed towards the exterior or through a filtration system to be redistributed inside the facility, saving energy and financial resources.

Welding fume dangers

According to OSHA, we know that inhaling welding fumes can cause short term problems such as dizziness, nausea or even irritation of the nose, eyes, and throat. The consequences on the long term can be fatal, the prolonged exposure to welding fumes can cause lung, larynx, and urinary tract cancer. Damage to the nervous system and to the kidneys are also a known long-term side effect.

Source capture and dust collecting for welding is proven to be the best solution and the most efficient method to protect workers, equipment, and the environment.