Portable Filtration Units

Our line of portable filtration units

Source capture is very important when it comes to fumes, gases and dust for the safety of all workers. As we know, manufactures are not small places and sometimes installing a big source capture system is not an option. Therefore, we have created our portable filtration units to cover more ground with smaller units. These units vary in size and strength and can be moved to capture all fumes, gases, and dusts around. Our various options are made for all types of work such as sanding, welding, grinding and much more. Their compact sizes make them easy to work with and they are very efficient.

Here are some details of our portable filtration units. Our MAXILAB unit is specifically for white rooms and pharmaceutical domains where washing down the unit to prevent the spread of particles or hazardous contaminants is a priority. Our MAXICART is a portable unit able to have two arms mounted on its top. It can serve two stations at once while pulling 1500 cfm. Our MAXIROLL is a smaller unit with one arm able to pull up to 650 cfm. Lastly, we have the MINIROLL which is the smallest unit we have. It is the most efficient for its compact size. This unit can pull up to 800 cfm.