Ceiling Mounted Air filtration Unit

Ceiling air filtration unit

The MAXITOP ceiling air filtration unit is the ideal unit when floor space is limited. Our air filtration unit is an overhead cartridge dust collector with an automatic air pulsation cleaning system. The MAXITOP has four easily accessible and removable cartridges which have an efficiency of 99.9% at a size of 1 micron. It is equipped with a magnehelic pressure gauge which can be mounted onto the wall. Our unit can be installed and started without arms for ambient air filtration, but it can hold one or even two MAXAIR arms for source capture. It has the option of different CFM’s and recirculation of clean air by the intake louver is possible to save energy and financial resources when it comes to heating and cooling workspaces. The MAXITOP is easy to use and convenient for small woodworking and welding shops or tight spaces and can even be equipped of a sound attenuator plenum for a more silent operation.

Some of our outstanding standard features :

  • High efficiency cartridge filters
  • Automatic self-cleaning
  • Source capture with MAXAIR fume arm or ambient air filtration
  • Clean air recirculation
  • Dust storage drawers
  • Access doors to cartridge
  • Low noise level
  • Fully welded steel cabinet
Possible configuration of one or two fume arms

Fume Arms

Magnehelic pressure gauge can be mounted on the wall

Magnehelic Pressure Gauge

Direct drive TEFC motor (2, 3 or 5 HP)

Direct Drive TEFC Motor

Intake louver for ambient air recirculation

Intake Louver