Industrial Dampers for High Pressure and Volume Control

Heavy Duty Industrial Dampers

AQC’s high volume control industrial dampers were built to ensure the highest quality product. We took all our knowledge from the last 30 years in everything surrounding air and manufacturing to provide you with the best final product. AQC’s team has used the best material combined with the latest technologies to ensure our dampers could withstand positive and negative pressures, heat, cold and any other extreme conditions.  We have challenged our products to the highest tests and norms for the most acute applications to have the best low leakage damper there is. Our dampers have received the AMCA Standard 500-D-18 certification for ultra low leakage and respects the NFPA-130 and NFPA-502 standards. Various sizes are available to suit all applications from tunnels to subways and even mines. See pamphlet for other specifications and contact our team for more information and quotations.

AQC industrial dampers are designed to meet the challenges that underground passages and subway tunnels are faced with daily such as high humidity, high pressure control, and a dust-laden environment. As important and vital as resolving these concerns are, they become nearly inconsequential during an emergency where the quality and workmanship of the systems cannot be compromised. AQC Dampers SSIDHP-C model offer high-precision grade work that leaves no room for error.

Some of our outstanding standard features :

  • Heavy Duty Control Damper
  • Stainless Steel
  • High temperature design
  • Low maintenance
  • High durability
  • Double seal gasket
  • Full shaft
  • Ultra low leakage
Our double seal patent gasket assures ultra low leakage

Seal Gasket

Double linkage design

Double Linkage

Blade adjustment screw

Blade adjustment screw

Actuator can be placed anywhere around the damper to suit all applications