Special projects

MaxiVibePetitMAXIVIBE 1800

This is a MAXIVIBE shaker filter cleaning type dust collector. Usually, shaker type dust collector come in small to medium sizes and can take about 5000 CFM maximum. This unit is a MAXIVIBE 1800 model number. The 1800 number relates to the amount of square feet of filtration in the unit. Depending on dust load and particle sizes, MAXIVIBE units can get as much as 10 to 1 on the air to cloth ratio and this was the case, meaning 18,000 CFM capacity on this collector.

The customer could not select a MAXIFLO pulse cleaning dust collector since he did not have compressed air in his facility and could not install such.

The unit is equipped with 4 filter bags, 4 hoppers, 4 drums due to the amount of dust captured with the system. For safety measures, 2 explosion relief doors were also installed. The centrifugal fan is installed above the unit and the low Db level is assured by an acoustical enclosure surrounding the blower


Regular MAXIFLO-MC automatic pulse cleaning dust collectors are available in 1, 2 or 3 cartridges, over/under horizontal configurations. Since the maximum filter surface in the larger 3 cartridges configuration is 780 square feet, it was normal to move up to an 8 cartridges model such as the MAXIFLO 2MCH-2-8 if a larger air volume or lesser air to cloth ratio was required until now.

By adding a second cartridge at the rear of the first one and behind each access door results in being able to double the surface of filtration and able to increase air volume as well in some cases. Foot print is minimal, the unit comes fully assembled (plug and play), control panel is pre-wired to the fan motor at the factory and the aluminum primer with two coats of polyurethane paint allows the unit to resist to harsh weather conditions if needs to be installed outside.

Photos show a unit with 2 access doors meaning having 4 cartridges with a total of 1040 square feet. The MAXIFLO-MC with 3 doors and 6 cartridges is available. The dust containment bin underneath has been increased to 30 gallon capacity.

The new type of MAXIFLO-MC dust collector will be included in leaflet in a near future

MAXIREEL Stainless steel

A company located in upper Ontario, Canada, had installed regular steel hose reels from another supplier for truck fume exhaust. Unfortunately, the location where the reels were installed was a highly corrosive environment and the reels lasted only 4 months and started to rust and fall apart causing malfunction and possible injuries.

The project was transferred to an engineering firm and this firm contacted A.Q.C. to see if we could design and build hose reels made entirely of high grade stainless steel. This kind of request had never been forwarded to us but the engineering firm had specified our Maxair stainless steel fume arms for a laboratory and was very satisfied with the results. A.Q.C. had not only to make the parts in stainless steel but also had to supply fans made of corrosion resistant housings. Of course, the only part that is not made of stainless steel is the hose.

A quantity of four (4) reels equipped with individual fans were supplied and installed.