MAXIFLO-MC automatic pulse cleaning dust collectors

Regular MAXIFLO-MC automatic pulse cleaning dust collectors are available in 1, 2 or 3 cartridges, over/under horizontal configurations. Since the maximum filter surface in the larger 3 cartridges configuration is 780 square feet, it was normal to move up to an 8 cartridges model such as the MAXIFLO 2MCH-2-8 if a larger air volume or lesser air to cloth ratio was required until now.

By adding a second cartridge at the rear of the first one and behind each access door results in being able to double the surface of filtration and able to increase air volume as well in some cases. Foot print is minimal, the unit comes fully assembled (plug and play), control panel is pre-wired to the fan motor at the factory and the aluminum primer with two coats of polyurethane paint allows the unit to resist to harsh weather conditions if needs to be installed outside.

Photos show a unit with 2 access doors meaning having 4 cartridges with a total of 1040 square feet. The MAXIFLO-MC with 3 doors and 6 cartridges is available. The dust containment bin underneath has been increased to 30 gallon capacity.

The new type of MAXIFLO-MC dust collector will be included in leaflet in a near future

maxiflo-mc2                      maxiflo-mc4