Fields of application

Welding/Grinding facilities

Depending on the type of the welding process (steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminium), it is always a must to have source capture equipment in cubicles or teaching areas.

This may be performed easily with MAXAIR fume arms. Either with telescopic arms for limited space cubicles or with MAXIREACH extension swing booms for larger facilities, fumes and dusts may be exhausted or filtered with extreme ease.

Engineers have to ensure that welding processes may be filtered with MAXIFLO dust collectors. If so, this cartridge dust collector with automatic pulse system for air and dust cleaning with high efficiency filters can reduce the factor of exhausting air and help with energy savings by returning the filtered air into the facility.

Vehicle maintenance

Automobiles, trucks, ATV’s, and other gas, diesel or fuel motor operated engines create harmful gases which need to be exhausted when maintenance is required with the engine running. The MAXIREEL or MAXIDROP exhaust systems fit the need for such usages. A.Q.C. manufactures such devices and your local dealer can help you in choosing the right equipment.