Portable Filtration Units

Portable filtration unit for welding and grinding

When welding, grinding or dust source capture is necessary away from a fixed work station, both MAXIROLL and MAXICART units are easily moved to the desired location with the help of swivel casters and push handles. Cartridge cleaning is a snap. Simply push the palm button to discharge the compressed air from the integrated air tank. Both units have large dust trays at the bottom and are emptied when needed. Backward inclined fans
deliver great air volume while the foam insulated steel cabin ensures quiet running. MAXIROLL and MAXICART portable units can be equipped with MAXAIR arms. The units may also be connected to a ductwork arrangment for remote source capture.

MAXIROLL and MAXICART portable filtration units are designed to serve single or double workstations quickly and efficiently and with no requirement for duct installation or major structural modifications.

Plug and play type of units, the MAXIROLL and MAXICART units are shipped fully assembled and only require mounting the MAXAIR fume arm(s) on the cabinet air inlet(s). Units can also be connected to intake manifolds from other source capture equipment instead of fume arms. High efficiency cartridges allow recirculation of clean air back in the facility.
Spark resistant primary filter, high efficiency cartridge(s), carbon final filter, self-cleaning by air pulse with push button, starters with overload protection and castors with foot brakes are only some of the many great features.

Maintenance is minimal as it only requires emptying the dust drawer from time to time.
Unit sound level is ensured by quiet direct drive fans and cabinet sound insulation. Optional HEPA after filters are available for applications with volatile harmful pollutants.

  • 99.9% efficiency at 1 micron
  • Cart type unit for welding and grinding filtration
  • Self cleaning by air pulse
  • 3 steps filtration system
  • 2 dust collector trays
  • Tool free maintenance
  • Portable source capture
  • Starter included
  • Easy/very low cost maintenance of unit
  • Shipped fully assembled
    (except for arm mount)
  • Dusty air filtration and recirculation possibility
  • Minimal spare parts required

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You can download the main manual for MAXIROLL/MAXICART click here