Exhaust Hose Reels – MAXIREEL

Fume and gases exhaust hose reels

Car and truck maintenance facilities are often confronted with the presence of fumes and gases produced while the engines are running during tune-up or repairs. The MAXIREEL exhaust hose reels is well adapted to capture the deadly pollutants emitted from combustion engines. Made of rugged rolled steel components, the MAXIREEL recoils the flexible hose around the drum when not in use. A heavy duty dual spring pack with ­ratchet lock mechanism is located on the side of the reel. Optional motor driven reels with radio signal control is also available along with a fan mounted directly on the hose reels.  A central fan can also be used for multiple reels installation. Fitted directly on the automobile tailpipe or truck stack, the different available nozzles can be made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum or rubber. Dependind on the application, hoses are available in 3’’ (75 mm), 4’’ (100 mm), 5’’ (125 mm), 6’’ (150 mm) and 8’’ (200 mm) diameters. Hose reels can also take up to 42’ (13  m) of hose. High temperature hoses (up to 1200 °F / 650 °C) are offered for extreme duty application.

OSHA regulations are clear! Carbon monoxyde is one of the most dangerous airborne pollutant inside the work place and cannot be breathed in by the employees.

The MAXIREEL hose reel is the best flexible hose storage system on the market. The simple design of wrapping a flexible hose around the drum saves time, space and frees the ambient air from harmful gases.

Maintenance facilities such as car or motorcycle dealerships, truck maintenance, military vehicles and other repairs shops need to exhaust the fumes when the engines are running.

A choice between spring-operated reel with ratchet lock or motor-driven reel is available. Hose diameter selection varies from 3’’ to 16’’ and temperature ratings up to 2000 degrees F.

Multiple hose reels can be connected to a single exhaust fan or reels can be equipped with individual fan.

Other possible applications: extraction of polluted air or gases in tanks or confined area. AQC offers XLARGE Maxireel for aircraft maintenance.

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