Extension boom
budget design – MAXIREACH-BD

Maxireach pivoting extension boom are designed to increase the area of reach for source capture products such as the Maxair hanging fume arms and vehicle exhaust equipment such as MAXIREEL hose reels or MAXIDROP hose drops.

Maxireach-BD pivoting extension boom is the offspring of the original MAXIREACH extension swing boom but with Budget Design in mind. Made with rugged structural epoxy painted steel, the MAXIREACH-BD may be fitted with our MAXAIR fume arms, MAXIREEL or MAXIDROP exhaust systems. Avalaible in 6” and 8” (150mm and 200mm) with a 15’ (4.6m) maximum reach, the MAXIREACH-BD basic components are installed in very little time. The spiral duct on the horizontal beam reduces static pressure for better transport velocities.

­General description

Maxireach extension swing booms are made of steel with single or double pivot joint(s). Friction disks at the joints ensure ­that no steel parts rub against each other causing premature wear. The second pivot works on a ball bearing assembly. The spiral ducting in 6” [160 mm] or 8” [200 mm] mounted on saddles minimizes static pressure and air pressure loss. Different lengths up to 20’ [6,2 m] are available (page 7). The support rod attached between the boom base and rod bracket ensures proper leveling

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