Exhaust Removal Systems for fire station

Exhaust Removal System - Front  Exhaust Removal System - Side

The world’s most advanced Exhaust Removal Systems for emergency vehicles and especially for fire stations

Highest Airflow Available.MagneGrip Exhaust Removal Systems have the highest airflow of any 100% sealed system – totally removing exhaust emissions in the fastest, most effective manner possible.

Fully automatic When the engine starts, a wireless sensor automatically switches on the exhaust fan. All toxic exhaust soot and gases are drawn through a high-temperature hose and sealed ductwork and safely dispersed outside the building. The fan shuts down automatically.

Always Protected For engine tests, the manual override option is used to keep the fan on while the engine runs for longer periods. With the Exhaust Removal System connected to the apparatus, firehouse personnel are totally protected from breathing cancer-causing exhaust gases and soot.

Problem-Free During emergency runs, MagneGrip’s revolutionary, patented nozzle automatically disconnects as the apparatus exits the firehouse. No air compressors or electrical system support is required for the system to operate. It’s the easiest-to-use, most problem-free system available.

More solutions MagneGrip Group has more exhaust removal solutions than any other company. Don’t settle for the only system a manufacturer offers – compare systems to make the best choice. This provides your Fire. Department with an exacting application and no operational


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