Single cartridge dust collector – MINIFLO

Stand alone high efficiency single cartridge dust collector

MINIFLO single cartridge dust collector are designed for a wide range of particle filtration. Using the same technology as the regular and larger MAXIFLO-MC collector, this unit is perfectly designed for individual work stations by not needing extensive installation or major duct work requirements. Shipped fully assembled and taking very little footprint, the unit can be in service rapidly. The quiet motor-fan assembly with anti-spark polyamide backward inclined impeller allows great air volume and medium to high static pressures. The integrated control panel ensures constant and reliable cleaning of the cartridges by manual air pulse. Efficiency of cartridge may allow
recirculation of filtered air into the premises (some restrictions apply).

Any type of industrial process can create dust or harsh fumes. Connecting to a central dust collector far away from the work station will require labor, ductwork, fittings and more. The MINIFLO  dust collector is a plug and play type filtration unit. It has its own fan and filter, cartridge self-cleaning with push button activation, Minihelic pressure gage and more.

The 1,5 HP fan delivers more than 800 CFM at 3’’ static pressure. The spark proof polyamide impeller means it can vacuum reactive material and the less than 8 cubic feet interior volume means you do not require expensive NFPA protection systems with such reactive material. The unit also includes a slip fit top inlet and rear air louver for returning the clean air back in the facility.

Unit is shipped fully assembled and comes with a 15’ electrical cable with 115V 3 prong plug.

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