Pulse cleaning system cartridge dust collector
(for smaller applications)

Maxiflo MC pulse cleaning system cartridge dust collector for easy, fast and economical long-term particle collection

High-performance, modular downflow cartridge dust collector
When the application calls for only 1 to 5 welding, buffing, sanding or grinding stations does not require a large dust collector, the Maxiflo MC can be operational in only a few hours. The unit is shipped fully assembled and requires minimal footprint. The quiet operation is ensured by a direct drive fan capable of delivering superior performance. Various cartridges are available as per the application but everyone of them has optimal efficiency. Clean air can thus be recycled in the premises allowing energy savings. Maintenance is only limited to emptying the dust bin when needed.

AQC’S pulsating dust collection cleaning system
In addition, the unique design of Maxiflo cartridge holders maximizes the useful filter surface, which helps save on filters. The R&D Department at AQC also developed a pulsing system that cleans the entire surface from one end of the cartridge to the other, thereby regularly restoring full filter capacity for maximum particle collector use. The Maxiflo filtration system ensures optimal equipment operation by keeping the air/filter ratio constant, which extends the service life of filters by up to 50%. Depending on the application, this can lead to an overall decrease of 10% to 20% in equipment operating costs.

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