Shaker type dust collectors

Multiple pocket type shaker dust collector

Designed for various air volume applications and solid particles filtration, the MAXIVIBE shaker dust collector is ideal for small to medium size shops and industries, training facilities or vocational schools. The narrow footprint of the MAXIVIBE unit means that it may be installed inside or outside of the facility without losing valuable floor space. The (95 à 99% @ 5-10 microns) efficiency filter pocket envelope allows clean air to be recycled back into the premises for maximum energy savings. Usage may vary from wood transforming industries, ferrous or non-ferrous manufacturing shops, plastics and composites fabrication as well as pharmaceutical plants and food industries. The manual or motorized cleaning systems dislodge particles from the filter and are then stored in a variety of bins, drawers or drums. Safety features such as explosion releif vents, back draft dampers or spark detection and extinguishing systems for explosive or combustible dust are available.

Small to medium size woodshops, arts and craft classes, composite shops are only a few of the applications that require some kind of high efficiency dust collector. The MAXIVIBE motorized shaker is a great solution to capture, transport and filter the airborne polluants.

Capacities vary from 700 CFM to over 18,000 CFM. Available fans can sustain up to 15’’ of static pressure which is sometime required for high velocity with chips or pellets.

The high efficiency multiple pocket filter envelope is cleaned automatically by a powerful 1 HP motor when the unit is shut down. The UL/CSA approved control panel is factory mounted on the unit.

Dust storage systems are available in bin vent configuration, low profile dust storage drawers, high capacity drums and raised structure for containers. Reactive material collection may require explosion venting doors, abort or blow back dampers or spark detection systems.

Dust and particles are carried from source capture drops into the main duct connected to the MAXIVIBE unit. Larger particles fall by gravity into the hopper toward the dust storage drum or canister. Finer particles are vacuumed upward into the high efficiency multi pocket filter envelope. The sound insulated fan mounted on top of the unit recycles clean air into the premises if desired or permitted. When the unit is shut down, the electronic control panel activates the cleaning cycle by shaking the filter envelope creating upper oscillation instead of usual bottom filter shaking which may result in lesser efficient cleaning. Filter inspection may be carried by simply opening the access door when unit is shut down.

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