Maxireel Stainless Steel

A company located in upper Ontario, Canada, had installed regular steel hose reels from another supplier for truck fume exhaust. Unfortunately, the location where the reels were installed was a highly corrosive environment and the reels lasted only 4 months and started to rust and fall apart causing malfunction and possible injuries.

The project was transferred to an engineering firm and this firm contacted A.Q.C. to see if we could design and build hose reels made entirely of high grade stainless steel. This kind of request had never been forwarded to us but the engineering firm had specified our Maxair stainless steel fume arms for a laboratory and was very satisfied with the results. A.Q.C. had not only to make the parts in stainless steel but also had to supply fans made of corrosion resistant housings. Of course, the only part that is not made of stainless steel is the hose.

A quantity of four (4) reels equipped with individual fans were supplied and installed.