Exhaust Hose Drop Systems

Hose drop for fume and gases exhaust systems

The MAXIDROP exhaust hose drop system is an interesting alternative to hose reels. Designed to work with small cars right up to large diesel engines, MAXIDROP assures that the hoses will not be crushed by workers or vehicles since they are lifted and secured by the balancer. The ratchet lock system on the balancer allows the hose to be pulled at the exact lenght required. Single, dual or fan equipped systems are also offered with different diameters, lenghts and temperature ratings of hoses. A variety of tailpipe adaptors is also offered depending on the application.

OSHA regulations are clear! Carbon monoxide is one of the most dangerous airborne pollutant inside the work place and cannot be breathed in by the employees.

The MAXIDROP hose drop is a budget designed hose retraction system which avoids having the exhaust flexible hose crushed by moving vehicles or stepped on by personnel. The principle of operation is lifting the hose out of the way by means of a spring balancer with ratchet lock or manually by a simple rope and pulley kit.

Maintenance facilities such as car or motorcycle dealerships, truck maintenance, military vehicles and other repairs shops need to exhaust the fumes when the engines are running.

Hose diameter selection varies from 3’’ to 8’’ and temperature ratings up to 2000 degrees F.

Multiple hose drops can be connected to a single exhaust fan or be equipped with individual fan.

Other possible applications: extraction of polluted air or gases in tanks or confined area.

  • Easy to use and install
  • Small cars to diesel trucks application
  • Spring balancer with ratchet lock system
  • Multiple hose diameter and temperature options

The AQC MAXIDROP line contains the most standard features on the market. 

With its great versatility, the MAXIDROP system is a compelling alternative to hose reels and, like all AQC products, are a quality investment.