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AQC est un manufacturier avant-gardiste en fabrication de dépoussiéreurs industriels pour la fumée, poussière, extraction et capture des polluants.


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A mechanical engineer approached A.Q.C. about making a special low profile dust collector. Height was the key factor in the project so our engineering department had to design front inlets instead of the usual top inlets, rear clean air outlets and low profile dust containment drawers instead of usual 50 gallon drums. Since welding smoke has very little particles, it will take weeks before the drawers need to be emptied.
Horizontal air tanks for pulse cleaning had to be redesigned since vertical ones would have needed multiple compressed air connections


AQC has the technology and knowledge to modify certain aspects of our dust collectors and source capture equipment to fit a specific application. The MAXIREEL XL was the result of such request by an engineering firm to have larger and longer hoses than the usual maximum 8’’ (200MM) hose diameter and 35’ (10M) length.

The application called for removing remainingfuel vapors from jumbo military planes prior to servicing the fuel tanks. The hose reels had to be installed about 80’ (25M) in the air and had to be motorized. AQC designed the MAXIREEL XL to be fitted with 12’’ (300mm) diameter hose and 60’ (18M) of antistatic hose.

The weight of the hose required our engineering department to modify our regular motorized hose reel to adapt to this special application. It was a success and a total of eight (8) reels were installed.

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The Hewit Caterpillar branch in Quebec city needed to have extended reach to exhaust extremely high temperature fumes from servicing quarry and off road heavy duty motorized equipment. Our standard 8’’ Maxireach extension swing boom was not large enough to handle over the 4000 CFM exhaust requirement for this project so AQC designed a 14’’ Maxireach double pivot extension swing boom.

AQC also had to use 1200 degrees F. hose because of the type of engines being serviced.

The operators and mechanics were pleasanlty surprised at how easy it was to manoeuvre and position these oversized swing booms. Minimum friction on pivots is the secret recipe for the result.


New welding/grinding fume and dust filtration unit

A.Q.C. is constantly researching ways to improve quality on our dust collecting equipment while trying to save the buyer some money on his investement. A.Q.C. has achieved such a goal by manufacturing the Miniroll portable welding fume filtration unit. Even by toning it down starting from the Maxiroll unit, The Miniroll offers standard great features such as the Maxair fume arm, close to 750 to 800 CFM at the hood, on/off switch, electrical cord, pressure gauge and even more.

The unit is offered with a pulse cleaning action (option) or the extended pleat cartridge can also be cleaned using the shop compressed air system and used again. Portable, affordable, reliable. Call you representative or A.Q.C. for more information and pricing.

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Cyclone collectors are still very much in use and in demand. However, even high efficiency cyclones cannot be used to return air into the facility since minute particulates are not removed from the air stream by the cyclone.

This project required high efficiency bag filters for maximum filtration similar to the ones used in our Maxitube pulse jet bag house collectors. Some dust collector manufacturers offer just one single big filter bag but those simply do not have the required surface for appropriate air to cloth ratio.

A.Q.C. designed this Maxiclone collector and after filter with multiple bags minimizing the footprint while offering excellent particulate efficiency for the clean air to be returned back into the shop saving the owner valuable energy by not having to install a make-up air system.


AQC is often approached with special requests to fill a customer’s specific needs. In this case, a U.S. Ferrari car dealership emphasized the fact on having as many red garage equipment as possible to match the famous Ferrari red color. To top it all off, he needed 24 hose reels in red within 4 weeks. AQC was more than flattered to accept this request and delivered the reels on time. The results were amazing. We applied 3 coats of red polyurethane for added protection and we even supplied touch up paint spray cans knowing the mechanical contractor could scratch the finish while installing the hose reels


This is a MAXIVIBE shaker filter cleaning type dust collector. Usually, shaker type dust collector come in small to medium sizes and can take about 5000 CFM maximum. This unit is a MAXIVIBE 1800 model number. The 1800 number relates to the amount of square feet of filtration in the unit. Depending on dust load and particle sizes, MAXIVIBE units can get as much as 10 to 1 on the air to cloth ratio and this was the case, meaning 18,000 CFM capacity on this collector.

The customer could not select a MAXIFLO pulse cleaning dust collector since he did not have compressed air in his facility and could not install such.

The unit is equipped with 4 filter bags, 4 hoppers, 4 drums due to the amount of dust captured with the system. For safety measures, 2 explosion relief doors were also installed. The centrifugal fan is installed above the unit and the low Db level is assured by an acoustical enclosure surrounding the blower

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A company located in upper Ontario, Canada, had installed regular steel hose reels from another supplier for truck fume exhaust. Unfortunately, the location where the reels were installed was a highly corrosive environment and the reels lasted only 4 months and started to rust and fall apart causing malfunction and possible injuries.

The project was transferred to an engineering firm and this firm contacted A.Q.C. to see if we could design and build hose reels made entirely of high grade stainless steel. This kind of request had never been forwarded to us but the engineering firm had specified our Maxair stainless steel fume arms for a laboratory and was very satisfied with the results. A.Q.C. had not only to make the parts in stainless steel but also had to supply fans made of corrosion resistant housings. Of course, the only part that is not made of stainless steel is the hose.

A quantity of four (4) reels equipped with individual fans were supplied and installed.

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