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At AQC, the customer comes first - from the personal and courteous welcome through to the prompt and efficient after-sales service of our renowned dust removal and dust collecting equipment, including shop dust collectors, sawdust collection as well as fume dust collectors and other wood dust collection systems and baghouses, eradicating dust pollution. AQC is genuinely attuned to its customers, tries to make life easier for them, and simplifies their work by offering these dust removal and dust collecting benefits:

Specialized dust collecting and dust removal consulting services, focused on reducing dust in the work environment while also reducing cost of ownership
AQC is a highly specialized and experienced manufacturer in dust removal products and has acquired in-depth knowledge in reducing dust in the work environment. The company offers expert recommendations and valuable input for consulting engineers and industry professionals, in addition to major time and money savings for the customer in need of reducing dust in their workplace, with highly specialized and efficient dust removal procedures using top-of-the-line shop dust collectors and baghouses.

An excellent warranty to match AQC's high-quality manufacturing of shop dust collectors, sawdust collection apparatus, fume dust collectors and other wood dust collection systems using efficient baghouses for reducing dust in the workplace
AQC offers one of the best and most extended warranties in the dust removal industry as proof of the superior technological advancement, design and manufacturing of its industrial air cleaner products, such as: shop dust collectors, fume dust collectors and other sawdust collection or wood dust collection systems using more efficient baghouses to handle heavy dust collecting in all industries.

AQC's limited warranty provides coverage for up to 3 years to all its dust collecting products, such as: fume collectors, sawdust collection and wood dust collection systems, etc.

AQC's significant added value is based on equipment built with superior technology and manufacturing know-how combined with specialized expertise.

More On Our Dust Collection Systems (PDF brochure)

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