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Maxair fume arms, ideal system for smoke, steam, dust and welding capture


Maxair - Exhaust fume arms

Maxair - Exhaust fume arms Maxair - Exhaust fume arms Maxair - Exhaust fume arms Maxair - Exhaust fume arms

Over head suction hoods are a thing of the past. Workers were actually breathing the dust and smoke-filled air as it was travelling upward toward the hood. Source capture is the safe and the right way to eliminate the harmful pollutants that are the primary cause of lung diseases.

MAXAIR fume arms are built to reduce to a minimum the presence of industrial indoor air particles. From laboratories right up to the large welding shops, MAXAIR fume arms will get the job done.

MAXAIR fume arms are ideal for a whole range of capture applications: smoke, steam, dust and welding.

Highly functional design facilitates fume arm handling and ease of movement.

All supports and articulation joints are outside of the fume arm. The tubes are smooth, without any obstacle that could reduce airflow, accumulate deposits and increase internal friction, which consume energy unnecessarily. External supports and articulation joints are readily accessible, easy to adjust and require no maintenance. A vacuum damper is included with every MAXAIR arm.

The arms are shipped fully assembled, ready to be installed. MAXAIR fume arms are also available in stainless steel version for aggressive environment or food and laboratory facilities.

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