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AQC dust extraction for fast economical and easy dust control


AQC source capture equipment

AQC dust extraction for easy, fast and economical long-term dust control

Using the best economical fume & dust extraction, collecting systems and tailor-made accessories
For the industrial assembly line, it is imperative to find the best economical smoke and particle extraction & collection system to effectively reduce health hazards inherent with exposure in the workplace, no matter what your industry or application might be. Also, using authorized accessories goes a long way in maintaining fault-free operations, cutting on work-flow shut downs and down-time.

Finding a trustworthy equipment supplier for fume & dust extraction, collection and overall control
For managers, added concerns lie in finding a trustworthy supplier of extraction equipment –if not complete control solutions, that will improve the workplace environment, decrease operator exposure to harmful particulates and gases in a cost effective manner, without intrusion into the work space. In addition, there is ever increasing work place regulations and government requirements strictly limiting operator exposure to harmful dust and fumes, making it imperative to find a fume and dust collector supplier capable of working with factory personnel to develop programs to meet these new environmental regulations.

AQC's systems intercept more than 90% of circulating dust and fumes
When reviewing the need for fume, dust extraction, collectors and other general control apparatus, you will discover that systems take many forms on the factory floor. Local ventilation systems use arms to capture smoke and particle at the source and draw them through the filtering station(s). These units capture more than 90% of dust & fumes.

AQC offers many types of control, collection and extraction systems in a product line that is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. Our units are self-contained with filters that can clean the air or simply exhaust the polluted air to the exterior, if deemed more feasible. And all filters carry a 2 years guarantee of no changes on factory approved installations.

Visit our collecting systems in our Website
Please explore our website to determine all types of systems we offer. Feel free to contact us with your comments and questions concerning our products.

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