Manual shaker collecting system

Economical pocket type manual shaker dust collector

Based on the MAXIVIBE design, the MAXIPLY manual shaker dust collector is more economical since it does not need an enclosed cabinet and the cleaning system is performed by manually shaking the ­filter envelope. The (95 to 99% @ 5-10 microns) efficiency filter pocket envelope allows clean air to be recycled back into the premises for maximum energy savings. Primarily developed for interior installation in small shops and vocational schools, its use is perfect for medium to large size pollutants such as sawdust, grinding, buffing or sanding of different metals, powders and compo­sites. Air volume capacity can vary from 500 CFM to 5000 CFM. The satin interior ­coated filter helps to minimize dust caking on filter surface. The angled hopper ensures cons­tant sliding of pollutants into the dust storage drum. The support structure can be ­easily dismantled for relo­cation into another part of the facility using the unit or for a new installation in a room with limited size doorways.

The budget minded MAXIPLY manual dust collector is built to be installed inside and designed for small to medium size woodshops, arts and craft classes, composite shops, etc. Having the same high efficiency as the MAXIVIBE because it has the same filter, it needs limited footprint and can be relocated to another location since the filter frame can be dismantled and rebuilt in only a few hours. The cleaning action is performed by the shaker handle allowing the dust to fall free from the glazed filter surface into the hopper and drum. The four open sides of the filter cabinet recycle clean air evenly, also saving money by not needing added expenses for a return air duct. Air volume varies from 1700 CFM to 5000 CFM. Maximum as per NFPA 664 (Article

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